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Last modification date: 12-30-2011

Terms Of Use ("Jobrep", "We") is a Website that allows Users to access the Website pages, register on the Website, and submit various Postings (including but not limited to Job postings, Resumes, Job Applications, User Profiles) for the purpose of interacting with other members and visitors ("Users") of the Website in various ways. Any person that navigates to any page, accesses information posted on the Website or in any way interacts with other Users of the Website is also considered a User. By becoming a User you state that you have read, understood and agreed to be bound by these Terms of Use agreement ("Agreement"). reserves the right, at our sole discretion, to change, modify, add, or delete portions of this Agreement at any time without prior or further notice. For Users' convenience We will post the latest modification date on top of this page which can be accessed at It is Users' responsibility to check this page on a regular basis to ensure that their use of the Website does not violate any portion of the Agreement. If for any reason a User is unable or unwilling to comply with this Agreement, he or she has to stop using the Website immediately. By continuing using the Website a User will signify that he/she agrees with these Terms of Use. We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to reject, refuse to post or remove any posting by you, or to deny, restrict, suspend, or terminate your access to all or any part of the Website at any time, for any or no reason, with or without prior notice or explanation, and without liability.


Use of the Website and registration to become a member ("Membership") is void where prohibited. By using the Website you warrant that (a) by using the Website you don't violate any existing Laws or Regulations; (b) information that you provide in your Membership profile is accurate and up-to date; (c) you are at least 18 years of age or older; (d) you have never been rejected or refused to use the Website; (e) you understand that you can terminate your Membership at any time by following the instructions on My Account, Request account removal page

Password security

It is Users' responsibility to keep their account passwords secure, periodically change the passwords and in any other way prevent any third party from using their accounts. Users agree that they will be held solely responsible for any damage caused by them using the Website or any third party accessing the Website using their account/password.


You agree that if you subscribe to any paid services on the Website you will pay the appropriate fee. It is our sole discretion to charge a fee for using any portion of the website, as well as change fees at any time without notice. You understand and agree that if your Membership and/or Website use is terminated due to your violation of Terms of Use agreement, you will not be refunded an unused portion of the payment (if any).

Proprietary rights in Website Content

We don't claim any ownership over the text, images, files or any other information ("Content") that is posted on the Website by Users. By posting any Content on the Website, you guarantee that this Content is accurate, is not confidential, and does not violate any contractual restrictions or other third party rights. By posting any Content on the Website you give us a limited non-exclusive license to display, reproduce, distribute, alter, edit, reformat or otherwise use this Content. If you are aware of any Content being used on the Website in violation of any restrictions or third party rights, it is you responsibility to notify us about this matter. We will take a reasonable effort to resolve the situation. By submitting a Posting you grant a limited non-exclusive license to other Website Users to use Content from that Posting in a way that does not violate any Laws, Regulations, Trademarks, Copyrights or other rights and restrictions. No individual or business entity is allowed to repost, republish or otherwise use Website Content (except for their own Content) outside of without obtaining a written authorization from us to do so.

Users' rights and responsibilities

Provided that you meet all Terms and Conditions set forth in the Agreement, we grant you a limited non-exclusive revocable right to access Content on the Website, post new Content, interact with other Users and Website Content, and otherwise use the Website as long as this use does not violate this Agreement, any laws or regulations, privacy rights, publicity rights, copyrights, contract rights or any other rights of any person or entity.

Prohibited conduct and Content

Users are not allowed to submit explicitly sexual Content or Postings containing nudity. Harassment, violence, racism, hatred, criminal, illegal and other activities and Content that could be deemed offensive or could lead to or promote any damage to any individual or entity are strongly prohibited. Any content posted may not violate any third party rights, copyright rights, privacy rights, contract or other restrictions, laws and regulations. Advertising or soliciting on the Website is allowed only upon obtaining a written authorization from us to do so. When submitting a posting you are not allowed to use HTML, CSS, scripts or other means aimed at altering the layout or formatting of the Website.

Privacy Policy

In addition to this agreement Website usage is governed by our Privacy Policy ( All Users must read and agree with the Privacy Policy.

Disclaimer does not guarantee the accuracy of Content posted on the Website. We do not necessarily agree with the posted Content, nor represent any of the Users, their views or opinions. We are merely a service that allows Users interact on the Website. Any Content posted on the Website represents the views and opinions of the Users who posted it. We will not be responsible for any damage that the Content or Website usage may lead to, including damages to hardware, software or computer operating system or any other damages. All Users are required to post Content that is known not to violate any third party rights, copyright rights, privacy rights, contract or other restrictions, laws and regulations. In case of such violation Users will solely be responsible for any damages or consequences that this Content or usage may lead to. Any advertising shown on the Website does not express our views and opinions and does not serve as endorsement by At times may not be available for use due to maintenance or server, network or any other malfunction. Acceptance of this Agreement does not guarantee that the Website will be available for you to use at any time. The Website is provided as "AS-IS", We will not be responsible for any malfunction of the website or misrepresentation of Content. Any local laws and regulations that contradict this Agreement will supersede the Agreement. Void where prohibited.

Limited Liability



Users agree to indemnify and hold, its agents, partners and employees, harmless and free from any loss, liability, claim, or demand, including reasonable attorneys' fees, made by any third party due to or arising out of your Use of the Website in violation of this Agreement and/or arising from a breach of this Agreement and/or any breach of your representations and warranties set forth in this Agreement and/or if any Content that you post or share on or through the Website violates this Agreement.

Complaint procedure

We will make reasonable efforts to resolve situations arising from the Website operation and usage. To file a complaint or to notify us about this Agreement violation or any violation - of any third party rights, copyright rights, privacy rights, contract or other restrictions, laws and regulations - use the Contact Us link on the website.


You agree that by accepting this Agreement and using the Website you intentionally waive any right you may have to a trial by jury in respect to any litigation arising out of, under or in connection with this agreement.


Both you and Us have a right to terminate this Agreement at any time with or without a reason or prior notice. Merely closing Website account does not constitute termination of this Agreement. If a User wishes to terminate this Agreement he/she must refuse from any future access and use of the Website and/or its content.

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