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Helping Jobseekers become Candidates

What is Both Match ?

The current approach to finding a job or candidate has a fair amount of challenges. Both MatchTM has embarked on a mission to make it efficient for:

  1. Jobseekers: to save time, money and reduce stress and find their job
  2. Career Professionals (JobReps): to connect with jobseekers and guide them
  3. Employers: to efficiently find the ideal talent to drive sustainable growth

You can utilize a new collaborative, open, on-demand and identity-protected candidate and employer portal to simplify recruiting and empower users.  

Both MatchTM demo available at

What is the JobRep ?

JobRep is a new human resource identity to standardize multiple candidate support professional specialties under a shared title to increase candidate outreach and highlight professional expertise. The goal is to use the JobRep identity to broadly represent the candidate in the same way the recruiter title represents the employer.

What is the JobRep Network ?

The JobRep Network brings together Graduates, Jobseekers, Candidates, JobReps and Recruiters to the community to facilitate collaboration, help jobseekers find jobs and help professionals achieve their talent objectives - all in one place !

Job Help State Clubs @ JobRep Network

Your opportunity to network with jobseekers and professionals in each state:

  • Organize local talent events and get to meet in person 
  • Opportunity to volunteer and support jobseekers in need of guidance
  • Promote local job fairs and promote employment within the state


 Recruiters generally represent the employer ? So where do job candidates turn for help ? Not knowing whom to contact or where to find the right expertise is challenging for jobseekers.

We know job search is challenging. We want to make it easier for you to connect with support professionals and leverage new technology so that you can find your ideal job while saving time, money and reducing stress.

Candidate Support Professionals

 The JobRep Network is a totally new way to directly connect with jobseekers needing your services. It is one of the best ways to connect with the community, link the community to your current content, share new content, provide courses, share links in your profile to external course solutions and so much more – all in one place, all under your brand.

Recruiting Professionals

  Currently, millions of open jobs are posted and millions of able jobseekers are looking for work. There is a national "job matching" challenge.

Posting jobs on multiple social networks, ATS, job boards, and websites and searching for the right candidates uses up significant time, resources and adds to business challenges.

You now have the opportunity to curate and make all your company jobs available at to help candidates find your ideal job and interact with the JobRep Network community to get the talent you need while saving time, money and reducing stress.

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